Policy Briefs

Sr # Date Title Categories
21 November 2012 Role of LHWs in Immunization in Pakistan Immunization
22 November 2012 Women who directly Procure Contraceptive Services Family Planning
23 December 2012 Cost Benefit Analysis of Family Planning in Pakistan Family Planning , Political Implications of Health
24 December 2012 Antenatal Care in Pakistan Family Planning
25 January 2013 Community Voices: Women's perception of Birthing Options Family Planning
26 January 2013 Community Voices: Women's perception of Family Planning Family Planning
27 February 2013 Parents Perception of Polio Campaigns Immunization
28 February 2013 Unsafe Abortions in Pakistan Family Planning
29 April 2013 Health Systems Governance in Pakistan Health Systems , Political Implications of Health
30 March 2013 Does Population Matter for Political Parties in Pakistan Political Implications of Health
31 April 2013 Health issues in Political Parties Manifestoes Political Implications of Health
32 April 2013 Knowledge Transition Among Girls and Women Health Systems , Family Planning
33 May 2013 Do More Supplies Increase FP Use in Pakistan Family Planning
34 May 2013 Role of Demand Side Financing in Reproductive Health Health Systems
35 June 2013 Anticipating the CPR from the Pakistan DHS 2012 Family Planning , Health Systems
36 June 2013 What will it take for political manifestos to become reality Political Implications of Health
37 June 2013 What Can Developing Countries Learn from Healthcare Insurance Studies Health Systems , Political Implications of Health
38 July 2013 Lessons from Health Strategies of Punjab and KPK Family Planning, Immunization, Political Implications of Health , Health Systems
39 November 2013 Decision Making in Health in the Public Sector Health Systems , Political Implications of Health
40 November 2013 A Case Study of Promoting Life Skills Curriculum Health Systems, Political Implications of Health , Family Planning