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RADS is working with the Akhter Hameed Khan Resources Centre (AHKRC) to identify solutions for urban development using a bottom up and self help approach.
The UNICEF has been conducting MICS tests across the globe since 1995. This year's report summarises 20 years of monitoring of situation of women and children using a standardised data collection methodology.
Countries in the developing world were led to believe that education would put them on the path to becoming modern economies�and they responded enthusiastically. Education for All was a powerful message that has led to a veritable transformation of scho
Pakistan Highlights from the World Bank Report, Leveraging Urbanization in South Asia: Managing Spatial Transformation for Prosperity and Livability

The Doctors' Conundrum

September 18, 2015
While we hear many complaints of shortages of doctors in rural settings, there are simultaneously other news of doctors strikes for higher wages and better working conditions in cities. In the balance, Pakistan produces more doctors than it can use.
By Nadia Agha (Dawn 26th January 2015)
Rates of contraception use increased from 30% to 35% in the past 5 years. FP programs were funded by the Government of Pakistan and donors such as the DFID, USAID and KFW, along with innovations by other donors. Who contributed what to the CPR change?
Accountability of Family Planning Programs in Pakistan
Around 60% of Pakistan’s total population is facing food insecurity, revealed Pakistan’s National Nutrition Survey (NNS) 2011 on Saturday. The results of the survey, termed by health experts as “alarming”, indicate a significant decline in the nut
While contraceptives do help with family planning, what really helps is preventing women from marrying very young.