Current Projects

Global Burden of Disease and Knowledge Translation

Supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant, RADS is working with IHME and AKU teams to to strengthen the disease modeling skills for key communicable and non-communicable diseases affecting Pakistan, helping decision-makers better use and uptake knowledge in policy decisions. 

This Knowledge Translation Initiative (DEEP) seeks to improve estimations of and/or uptake patterns in population health (family planning), TB, Malaria, Hepatitis B & C,  national health insurance program, and critical health indicators. RADS teams are working with Ministry partners including local Universities for capacity building of young-mid level professionals in data analytics and use.

3rd Party Monitoring of FP in Pakistan

RADS is the lead partner of Integrity (UK) on DFID – FCDO’s 90 million GBP FP support to Pakistan, via Implementing partners MSS, Greenstar, DKT. RADS does monthly, quarterly and annual surveys for FCDO with detailed reports showing how IPs have met KPIs, challenges and results as per agreed upon FCDO formats.

Polio Persistence among Pashtun Communities: Ethnography for Change

Working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to make Pakistan a polio free country, this nationwide study is exploring knowledge gaps through stakeholder interviews with NEOCs/PEOCs, GPEI (Global Polio Eradication Initiative) along with in-depth ethnographic-behavioral research in Pashtun communities and reasons why polio persists in hidden pockets.