Current Projects

Polio persistence among Pashtun communities: Ethnography for Change

Working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to make Pakistan a polio free country, this nationwide study is combining available knowledge (through NEOCs/PEOCs), GPEI (Global Polio Eradication Initiative) with targeted ethnographic and behavioral research to explore reasons why polio persists in Pashtun communities/pockets across the country.

Longitudinal assessment of EPI Cold Chain Equipment (Gavi, JSI)

RADS is the recipient of JSI-GAVI funding to assess nationwide gaps in the cold storage and vaccination supply-chain mechanisms. RADS teams conduct baseline, midline and endline assessments plus capacity building dialogue with national and district level facilities to help overcome existing challenges serving as a bridge between EPI and JSI-GAVI. This is a multi-country GAVI support grant to assess effectiveness of its CCEOP mechanisms and outcomes of GAVI aid.

Measurement Partner in a Rural Family Planning (Marvi-HANDS)

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported HANDS to conduct a large-scale FP implementation program in 3 districts of rural Sindh. RADS is the M&E and Research partner to review progress and help build knowledge generation, train Marvis, address bottlenecks, data management etc. Throughout this 40 month project, RADS is responsible for monthly monitoring, developing content for the knowledge products, research on FP barriers, and Endline Impact Assessment.

3rd Party Monitoring of FP in Pakistan (FCDO-DFID)

RADS is the lead partner of Integrity (UK) on DFID – FCDO’s 90 million GBP FP support to Pakistan, via Implementing partners MSS, Greenstar, DKT. RADS does monthly, quarterly and annual surveys for FCDO with detailed reports showing how IPs have met KPIs, challenges and results as per agreed upon FCDO formats.