How to Apply

  1. Our IRB panel convenes on the last Week of every other month. Please ensure your application is submitted accordingly.
  2. Download and fill the IRB Application form, providing as much relevant detail as possible.
  3. Download and fill the IRB Confirmation Form.
  4. Email the filled IRB Application form, IRB Confirmation Form, proof of payment and all survey tools/ questionnaires (English and translated, as applicable) as well as other documents relevant to the study to [email protected].

Expedited Review: Response within 10 working days of submission of complete application (PKR 120,000 + GST).

Standard Review: IRB convening date is last Wednesday of every other month starting in January. Response in the first week of the month following the convening date (PKR 60,000 + GST).

Please note that applicants submitting incomplete information-with missing documents- will be asked to revise their application before the IRB convenes to review the application.

For any queries, please submit the form.