Thematic Areas of Research


Pakistan ranks 94 amongst 117 countries according to the 2019 Global Hunger Index, signifying serious levels of hunger and malnutrition. The poor nutritional standards are more profound in women of reproductive age and children under five with 40% of Pakistani children suffering from stunting. At RADS, we employ our expertise to better understand the scope of the issue and identify effective solutions for a nation-wide problem.


Broadening immunization coverage is a crucial step towards achieving good health and well-being (SDG-3). As one of the only two countries where polio eradication remains unachieved, Pakistan has a pressing need to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its immunization efforts. RADS has conducted extensive research on child immunization as a stand-alone organization as well as in conjunction with global partners like the Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) and JSI. RADS aims to identify solutions to the immunization crisis of Pakistan by conducting high-quality research and impact evaluation.

HIV Prevention

Fragmented health services delivery is often a result of poor information flow mechanisms and has severe consequences for the populous health and well-being. HIV prevention, an important component of health service delivery, is inevitably impacted by an underperforming health system. RADS has extensively analyzed the impact of interventions aimed at improving HIV prevention in particular, and health systems in general.

Citizen and Women Empowerment

Citizen and women empowerment is at the core of the work at RADS. Through efforts to educate children, provide entrepreneurial training to men and women, and improve access of communities to basic services such as family planning and immunization, RADS and its partner NGO AHKRC enable individuals and communities to confront the challenges they face and rise above them. Through its research and data management services, RADS also helps to identify obstacles as they arise and test solutions.

Economics and Econometrics

At RADS, all research and monitoring work is guided by the globally accepted standards of high-quality, rigorous research. We take pride in designing research studies that are in line with the latest developments in the field of economics and econometrics.

Gender Based Violence

RADS has been involved in assessing factors that are at the root cause of GBV, in efforts to ensure programs are better drafted to curb it. The impact that GBV has on maternal and child health and socioeconomic factors that lead to GBV in household setups have been keenly analyzed by RADS across multiple districts in Pakistan.

Reproductive Health and Family Planning

Maternal and child health both improve when couples are empowered to make informed decisions about the timing and size of their families. RADS has worked with local as well as global partners to improve the delivery of Family Planning services in all provinces of Pakistan. From health staff training to community mobilization and private counselling, RADS has been researching to identify challenges as well as solutions to effective Family Planning service delivery in Pakistan.

Health System

With one of the lowest per capita spending on health in the region and the world, Pakistan’s healthcare system has been crippling under the immense pressure from a rising population. Understanding and addressing the problems infecting Pakistan’s health system is one of our core missions. We research and monitor programs aimed at providing sustainable solutions for better healthcare for all.