Survey and Data Management Services

High quality Survey and Data Management is a time-consuming and rigorous process. Our specialized team of experts helps you manage your projects and data collection process without the hassle of tool development, team recruitment, training, translation services, monitoring compliance with protocols, data entry, compilation etc. We offer both in-house expertise and can sub-contract out our services to your project.

RADS has field teams (data collectors, researchers, supervisors, monitors) in 120+ districts across Pakistan. We can mobilize field teams within 7-10 days and do real time monitoring of the teams along with sharing of data with clients’ via user-friendly dashboards. RADS uses survey CTO and Android Tablets and GPS location tracking for quality control and supervision.

Our cost packages can meet any budget range and offer the following:

  • Tool development (quantitative or qualitative)
  • Translation (English, Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi)
  • Team recruitment and screening
  • Training and venue arrangements
  • Deployment and supervision
  • Tablet Rental
  • Survey CTO or other survey tools
  • Data cleaning, entry and compilation
  • Factsheet and Data Report