Our Approach

Generating Evidence for Design and Review of Programs and Policies

Research and Development Solutions (RADS) is a Pakistan based M&E, Research and Technical Assistance/Consultancy organization. Our team expertise includes public health specialists, social scientists, Infectious Disease and MNCH-FP researchers, epidemiologists, statisticians, economists, advocacy and policy experts, and survey management.   Since 2010, RADS has worked in 120+ districts of Pakistan with national and international donors, governments and civil society partners.

RADS provides quality primary and secondary research, 360 degree survey and data management, scientifically standardized analysis, third party monitoring and impact evaluation services along with short term technical assistance and consultancy.  Our team of experts can provide guidance to clients/donors/decision makers in project/program conceptualization, design, strategic planning, forecasting, and on-ground management at affordable costs.

Our work includes testing innovative ideas for enhancing Health (Family Planning, Maternal-Child, Immunization, Nutrition, HIV), Health Systems Strengthening, with a focus on urban poverty alleviation and economic development for under-privileged populations, rapid methods (crowd-sourcing) for population estimations using GIS technology, and evidence generation for advocacy. RADS collaborates with international and national academic centers to generate scientific evidence and has 30+ publications in peer-reviewed journals and 50+ policy briefs.

For more information on the scope of our work and the services we provide, see our RADS Profile .